David Greenberg, Screenwriter

D​avid Greenberg graduated from the film program at Temple University and worked in production before deciding to focus on screenwriting. His feature writing/directing debut “Stomping Ground” premiered in 2016. He specializes in writing screenplays for ultra-low budget films and shorts. He has been hired to write or doctor over 50 feature, short and documentary screenplays. His short film “The True Meaning of Cool” won an award from the American Film Institute. Another short film, “Interrogation,” won a Special Jury Prize at the L.A. Neo-Noir Film Festival. David contributed a chapter on the history of photography to Walter Foster Publishing’s “The Daily Book of Photography” and was also hired to write the book “100 Movies To Watch With Your Kids.” David teaches screenwriting at Drexel University and University of the Arts in Philadelphia


Selected Titles:

Closure (short) produced 2018

American Zealot (feature) in development - Producer only

Will You Marry My Mom (feature) in development

Jordan's Song (musical feature) in development

Luncheonette (TV series), Main Line Films, 2016

Angus (feature, in development), Diamond Entertainment, 2016

The Prison (feature, in development), Double Windsor Productions, 2016

Between Wind & Water (feature), Weinerman Productions, 2016

An Era In Passing (feature), Weinerman Productions, 2016

Used To Love Her (feature), Wicked Dreams Entertainment, 2015

Bonnie & Clyde: Lovers on the Run (feature documentary), Landford Productions, 2015

Nightcap - (short film), Diamond Entertainment, 2014

Bottle of Red - (feature, in development), Diamond Entertainment, 2014

Journey Into The Holocaust - ( feature documentary), Paul Bachow, 2013

Technical Support (short film, 2013)

Morgan, Michael, Vanessa & Max (original feature, optioned, in development), 2012

Kafka Pizza (short film, co-writer, actor), Liberty Bell Films, 2012

Sugar Cookie (short film, co-writer), Sweetbreads Studios, 2012

Celebrity Skin ( feature documentary, 2011)

What Matters Most (feature, 2009)

The Audition (short film), Magic Bullet Media, 2009