The participants in this film came together for this project with a unique view, to not only create a work that will move, enlighten and entertain, but to send a message of redemption, and triumph over adversity, as the events in Damon Feldman's life demonstrate. In so doing, the issue of domestic violence is front and center, as it played a major role in Damon's story. First was the assault on his mother Dawn (pictured) by a boyfriend, which left her as a quadriplegic, unable to care for her sons, and the other was the assault which Damon committed himself, nearly forty years later. With this in mind, we wanted to present Damon's statement on this issue, because it is an important message to convey, and has had a huge impact on his growth



To all of those who know about what happened, and for those who don't, I spent a year in jail for assaulting my girlfriend at the time. I normally don't comment on things in general in my life, good or bad, but this was such a significant event that I have to talk about it, as hard as that is, I offer no excuses other than to say this was a very bad time in my life, my dad dying and me depressed and drinking; no excuse is good though other than I'm just so sorry for the mistake I made, but I am making an incredible comeback....and I can't even say how sorry I am...I was never involved with anything close to this and never will again. I don't drink any more, and can't even believe that happened, so terrible...But I take care of my kids and am making positive things happen...this will be a big part of the movie, it needs to be seen, and what happened to my mom...David Greenberg is an amazing writer and I have an amazing team behind me, who knows me and understands that it's all about making mistakes and learning from them...Moving forward, I want to help battered women's shelters out, as it truly made me understand what I did, and how my mom suffered also; to my ex-girlfriend, I am more than sorry...I don't look back, only forward...mistakes make you better and hitting a brick wall with this, it saved my life. I knew I had a mission and message to send out and I thank everyone who is helping me....